Since 1973, one bar has been serving up great drinks and memories in Utica New York. Want to own it?

A new commercial listing has been posted on Kris Joseph - The Ciro & Kris Homes & Marketing Team - HUNT Real Estate ERA's Facebook page. The list, The Bullet (aka the Finger Bullet) in Utica:

Amazingly unique opportunity to own a piece of royalty among Utica's bar scene & nightlife. Customer capacity over 250. 30+foot bar, making it the perfect venue to serve lunches/dinners with a full menu or "bar food", host parties, banquets, etc.

The posting points out that The Bullet is the nearest bar and restaurant to many "potential business producing institutions including- Utica University, Faxton, and Donovan Stadium with Murnane Field.

What is the asking price? $975,000. The site itself is over 6,200 square feet.

This is a turn-key opportunity; bar equipment, coolers, tables/chairs, stools... and one of the most recognizable names in the local biz for 5 decades, "The Bullet". Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Reach out to us today!
Ciro - 315.796.4741
Kris - 315.725.1023
Luke- 315.717. 5772
Shane - 315.520.0590"

Currently the Bullet is sitting at 3 stars on Yelp, but that's with 3 reviews:

If you are looking for a cheesy, drive type place -- you found it. It's a place to go chill, especially with friends, listen to old school music mixed in with new stuff and see some people dancing who are stuck in the 80's (or simply dont want to update). Again, none of this is meant as a negative, the place is cool and always been a hot spot."

You can read more on the listing here. Check out the photos now:

The Finger Bullet Bar Is For Sale In Utica

Since 1973, one bar has been serving up great drinks and memories in Utica New York. Want to own it?

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