When the pandemic started, it was toilet paper that was impossible to find. Months later, toilet paper is plentiful, but Clorox wipes are still tough to find in Central New York - and it may stay that way until 2021.

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If you belong to any local groups on Facebook, you'll sometimes see people posting about where they've seen Clorox wipes - the way another group might post about a Big Foot sighting. The product has been very difficult to find, and not just at your local Hannaford.

The CEO of Clorox tells Reuters it will be 2021 before their supply chain has recovered from the increased demand resulting from the pandemic. Demand for the sanitizing wipes increased 6-fold during the pandemic - and the supplies to make them have been tough to come by, with good reason.

The wipes are made with polyester spunlace, which is the same material used to make personal protective equipment like masks, medical gowns and medical wipes.

If you've been able to find the wipes - count yourself lucky.

Other products, like toilet paper, bleach, hand sanitizer, and Clorox spray cleaner, have become more widely available in recent weeks.


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