Picente: More Positive COVID-19 Cases, Clorox Wipes, and Q&A
There are four more positive COVID-19 cases in Oneida County, according to County Executive Anthony Picente, who spoke to the media during his daily coronavirus briefing on Saturday. Picente, who confirmed Oneida County now has 28 confirmed cases, was accompanied by Oneida County Director of Health,…
A Tough 24-Hours, 8 New COVID-19 Positives in Oneida County
Oneida County had its worst day in the COVID-19 crisis with eight new cases testing positive overnight, according to Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente. A total of 493 county residents have been tested so far to date and a total of 24 have been determined positive for the virus.
Doctor Gives Tips on How to Safely Clean Your Groceries
We've all been scrubbing surfaces, washing our hands, and social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. You have to eat, but it's likely that can of soup you just bought has been touched by several people before you brought it home - how do you make sure it's clean…

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