Thanks to the support of the community, once again the Children's Miracle Network has sold out of all their tickets for their 100-thousand dollar Miracle Drawing.

If you were planning on picking up a ticket or two for the $100,000 Miracle Drawing, you're too late. All 4,300 tickets have been sold. This isn't a big surprise though, the Children's Miracle Network sells out of their tickets for their Miracle Drawing every single year.

And if you were able to pick up your ticket (or tickets) before they sold out, now comes the waiting game. The Miracle Drawing will take place this Wednesday, October 11th at 7pm at the St. Luke’s Campus in New Hartford. One lucky winner will take home the grand prize of $100,000. There will also be eight other bonus prize packages.

Proceeds from this drawing benefit our Children's Miracle Network Hospital at Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare. Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket and those who helped spread the word about the Miracle Drawing. Events like this help children and families right in our community.

Again, thank you, and good luck to the ticket holders.




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