If you attended or watched the Syracuse-Georgetown basketball game over the weekend, maybe you'll join us in issuing our sincerest apologies to bacon.

The good news over the weekend for Syracuse basketball was another win, this time against Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

The bad news associated with the game focused on CNN television and its contributor Hillary Rosen. When she saw a fan in a bacon costume at the arena, she cried anti-Semitism on her Twitter feed.

Later, when the Orange prevailed in overtime over the Hoyas, she tweeted again, this time reveling in her assertion that "bigots" lose.

There are so many problems with this story, all of it stacked against the CNN on-air personality. First of all, the man wearing the bacon suit is named Michael Bakan, pronounced like the meat.

He wears the suit all the time at games. Because it's fun.

Second, Rosen's assumption that this is a slur aimed at Jews is a bit of a stretch. Yes, pork-based products are avoided by certain Jews for religious reasons. But, come on. Bacon is in its heyday right now.

Virtually every fast food restaurant has a bacon-infused sandwich on its menu. It's ambrosia to millennials.

You'd think a special contributor at the network level would have at least a slight grasp of pop culture to go along with her alleged expertise in the subject matter she's covering.

There was clearly no malicious intent here.

Thirdly, yes, a percentage (25-30%) of the student enrollment at Syracuse University is Jewish. The college ranks 6th on Hillel's Top 60 Universities By Jewish Population list. But, to label an institution in order to make a social point is a major stretch. And it indicates a certain proclivity toward rabble-rousing.

Racism and bigotry are incredibly divisive, dangerous and unhealthy forces these days. But, ignorance and irresponsible, reactionary behavior can be just as destructive.

Meantime, we're rooting for peace on Earth among all people this holiday season, we're cheering for Orange hoops, and we're enjoying a little bacon.


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