One Central New York bakery makes a pastry so perfect and delicious, that it's been featured on the website of the elite culinary magazine, Food & Wine.

Utica Bread Bakery was featured because of their chocolate croissant, after a writer from the magazine happened to stumble across the bakery. David Landsel says he was driving along the NYS Thruway when he exited in Utica, hoping to find a good cup of coffee. Instead, he says, "one of the best chocolate croissants I've eaten since—well, since Paris."

According to Landsel, the chocolate croissant is "pilgrimage" worthy. Just listen to his description: "The structure was bang on, precise, absolutely textbook croissant; rich in butter, but just the right amount. The layers—all there. The thing was shaped exactly like a good pain au chocolat should be, a puffy rectangle of bliss, bulging out, but ever so politely, at both ends. The chocolate was smooth as could be, melting on the tongue. There was a slight chew to the whole thing, a tiny bit of pushback, which only made it more exciting. All this, just about a half hour before closing time."

We've eaten these, and let me just say - YEAH - what he said. 

Landsel goes on to describe the revitalization of Utica, and the history of Utica Bread Bakery (and The Tailor and The Cook) - owned by the awesome Chris Talgo and Tim Hardiman. He even shouts out some of the other incredible eateries we have in Utica. Check out the whole story at

Landsel encourages people from all over to drive however long it takes to get one of Utica Bread's croissants - drive hours if necessary. You don't have to do that - juse head over to Utica, and get yourself one, and a cup of Utica Coffee Roasters coffee too! Utica Bread is located at 106 Genesee Street, Utica - in Bagg's Square. 





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