New York State Senator Joe Griffo says he is taking a local candidate's idea to Albany and will introduce a bill that would mean more money for local governments across the state.

Oneida County Clerk candidate Mary Finegan believes self-serve kiosks at the DMV will make the experience quicker and easier for motorists. "The DMV office must modernize and utilize technology to improve the in-person experience," she said.

The kiosks could handle simple transactions and serve as an appointment check-in for customers, cutting down lines and reducing wait times, Finegan explained. However, the kiosks aren't widely used because per state law, all of the money goes to New York State, officials said.

Currently, in-person business done a local DMV offices remit 12.7% of each transaction back to county government. Certain online transactions see a 2.5% share go back to local governments. For kiosks, none of the money is returned to the local community, officials said.  Griffo (R, I, C - Rome) said he plans to put forth a bill that would alter that formula and allow counties to receive 12.7% of all transactions, including ones done online and at kiosks. The change could create potentially millions in new revenue for counties, he said.

"Thanks to Mary's forward-thinking-suggestion, I will be introducing legislation that will help local governments financially when New Yorkers conduct transactions either online or through kiosks at the DMV," Giffo said.

Finegan, has served as the Whitestown Town Clerk for the last 17 years. She is running as the Republican candidate and will face Democrat Merima Smajic-Oren in the November 8 election.

Current County Clerk Sandra DePerno is retiring at the end of the year. She was re-elected to the post several times after first taking office in 2006.

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