It's always so great to hear about a Central New York business helping out those in need. This time, a couple received an unexpected gift from Wilber Duck Chevrolet.

This wonderful story was posted on Facebook, as a family member of the couple who received the gift wanted to give a big thank you to the company for doing something so thoughtful and wonderful.

Kenwood Kakes posted the story on their Facebook Page. It began,

I would like to make a public THANK YOU to Wilber Duck Chevrolet.

Last week my brother in law came to you with a "long time - self saved" down payment, and his existing Chevy truck for trade in...

The brother-in-law need the truck to take his wife to and from Oneida and Syracuse for her daily chemo and radiation treatments. He had picked out a specific vehicle that he could afford. When the brother-in-law went to pick up the vehicle, it seemed there had been some sort of mix-up. He was handed the keys to a brand new 2017 Silverado Truck, that was NOT the one he ordered. This one was way out of his price-range. But it wasn't a mistake. According to Kenwood Kakes' Facebook Post,

...He was told by the owners and entire staff at Wilber Duck, we want you to have it. We know about your wife's cancer and want to ensure you get her to all her treatments safely and comfortable.

Kenwood Kakes and the family wanted to thank Wilber Duck Chevrolet for their kindness, so they baked them a very special cake for the occasion:

Wilber Duck Chevrolet Thank You Cake
Photo Credit: Kenwood Kakes

And they presented the cake to the dealership:

Cake Presented to Wilber Duck Chevrolet
Photo Credit: Kenwood Kakes

What an amazing thing for a car dealership to help a couple in need. We love to hear stories of kindness like this in Central New York, it really warms our hearts. And we want to thank Kenwood Kakes for posting this story and making it public so everyone can see what a great thing Wilber Duck Chevrolet has done.





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