National Cereal Day recently came and went. If you blinked, you might have missed it. Maybe even if you didn't blink.

There were numerous polls floating around about breakfast cereals. We posted on Facebook and asked you to name your favorite childhood breakfast cereal. Beth voted for Alpha Bits. I said Life. Here were some of the more interesting responses from Central New York:

Wendy Brown said "When my girls were little, they ate Kaboom just to see what color their poop was. It made it either green or blue."

Ron Klopfanstein said "I loved Froot Loops, Special K and the monster cereals but I can't eat them now because of the gluten."

Jill Palmer said "Crunch Berries--I ate all the Cap'n Crunch pieces first, then all the berry pieces. Is this OCD?"

Fruity Pebbles received some mentions, but it was "a rare treat," said Alissa Snyder, "only at grandma's house."

A few people remembered the cereals associated with slogans or mascots. Ron Merritt said he "was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs." Becky Koslosky said "Trix is for kids." And Brad Flieger voted for Sugar Smacks, because of "dig 'em frog the mascot."

One of the cereals getting the most votes was Quisp (with the martian character created by cartoonist Jay Ward, the mastermind behind Rocky & Bullwinkle), and Diane Guckemus pointed out that Chanatry's is the only local place that has it.


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