Every week it seems there's a new breakfast cereal, based on everything from Peeps, to Donuts, to Oreos. There's even a Chicken & Waffles cereal, for cryin’ out loud.

One Syracuse University graduate hopes to make a difference with his introduction of something completely different to the crowded field. Ian Wishingrad, a 2008 grad of SU’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, along with his wife Margaret, is the co-founder of Three Wishes cereal. And grocery giant Wegmans has now given it valuable real estate on its store shelves.

The third part of the Three Wishes triumvirate is young Ellis Wishingrad. Soon after his birth, his parents were driven to find a cereal their son could enjoy, but found that most products were too sugary and too unhealthy. Or they tasted horrible.

So...they made their own, although they discovered that coming up with Three Wishes wasn't so easy.

After working day and night with food scientists and manufacturers, they finally found the right recipe, featuring ingredients like chickpeas and tapioca. The three versions of Three Wishes come in unsweetened, honey and cinnamon flavors.

The big difference? Three Wishes is low in sugar, high in protein, and free of grains.

In addition to Wegmans locations in Central New York, Three Wishes is stocked at some Whole Foods stores. You can also order it online through Amazon.

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