Some people might fudge some dates or skills on their resume, but one CNY man had to quit his $340,000/ year job after he got caught in some big lies.

Sergio Garcia was hired as the chief of staff at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse last year, with a salary of $340,000 per year. Garcia made a variety of outlandish claims that were debunked by the Times-Union newspaper in Albany, including:

  • that he escaped a bombing in Afghanistan in 2013
  • he was hired by former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to work in the State Department;
  • he is a close friend of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice;
  • he was in the White House when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred, and stayed for seven days without shaving or showering;
  • that he got a law degree from an unidentified university in Oklahoma and worked for a Los Angles law firm.
    (These were all reported by

DUDE. You're a big liar.

As my grandma used to say: quit while you're ahead. You had a job that paid you a LOT of money - and you still couldn't stop with your tall tales?

This scenario is familiar to any parent who catches a toddler in a lie: they double down.

"Who broke that lamp?"

"Not me."

"But I saw you."

"No that wasn't me, that was a dream you had and I wasn't even there I was asleep and it must have been my friend who looks like me because he said he was going to come over and break the lamp."


What's the biggest lie anyone has ever told you?



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