McDonald's is giving away free food for life to one lucky customer with a special "McGold" card, and someone from Central New York could be the winner.

McDonald's is hosting a new contest and the winner will get free McDonald's for life. It's estimated to be worth $36,400. Winners will receive one of the fabled "McGold cards."

According to, "The McGold Card dates back to 1965, when a McDonald's owner/operators awarded one of its most loyal customers with free McDonald's for life, which became the McGold Card," a spokesperson told Thrillist. "It's a very elusive and secret society. Only a handful of the most dedicated McDonald's fans have been granted McGold Card access." Rob Lowe, George Romney, and Warren Buffet are part of that "secret society."

How can you enter to win the McGold card?

You can enter the contest once a day by ordering food to pick up at any Central New York McDonald's with their mobile app, starting tomorrow and going for the next two weeks. Only one winner will be selected.

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