There's a new movie theater coming to the Hudson Valley that we need to bring to Central New York as well. Cosmic Cinemas promises - no babies and no cell phones. And wait until you hear about their snack bar.

Cosmic Cinemas is the latest venture of Terrell Braly, previously CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse which started the "beer at the movies" craze. This new company hopes to continue in that direction with a bar/restaurant serving up specialties during the movies. According to the Albany Business Review, they will serve appetizers, entrees, beer, wine and cocktails during screenings.

We want to give the mature movie lover the experience of watching a movie the way it was meant to be. (Terrell Braly via Albany Business Review)

He plans on accomplishing that by banning cell phones and talking during movies, along with babies. In fact, no one under 17 will be admitted without an adult. This sounds like a perfect idea for Utica. Is there anywhere you think would make a good location for this?


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