The folks at 24/7 Wall Street have published their list of The 'Drunkest' and 'Driest' Cities in the United States. Gathering statistics in such metrics as percentage of driving deaths related to alcohol consumption and percentage of adults drinking to excess, the list has 20 cities on either side of the equation.

Ten Wisconsin cities made the 'drunkest' Top 20, including Green Bay (home of the NFL's Packers) at #1. Some of the other 'drunkest' included Ames, Iowa; Lincoln Nebraska; and Fargo, North Dakota. One New York location ranked #16 on this list and had another oddity attached to its dubious distinction.

Watertown-Fort Drum, the home of a prominent U.S. Army base has some explaining to do. According to an article in USA Today, in Watertown "22.9% of adults either binge or heavily drink, a larger share than in any of the state’s 11 other metro areas."

Watertown's median salary is $45,624, lowest of any metro area in New York, which makes it an "exception" in this study, because USA Today's piece claims "areas with high excessive drinking rates are often wealthier than areas with healthier drinking habits."

The 'driest' city on the list was Provo, Utah, home of Brigham Young University.

Which of OUR localities would rank as the 'Drunkest' or 'Driest' Towns in Central New York?


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