Townsquare Media is helping the Central New York Workforce get back on the job or find a better one. It’s the CNY Online Job Fair featuring open positions at The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter.

Our mission is to enable persons with disabilities and their families to achieve their potential through self-determined goals in partnership with the agency.

We’re looking for people who embody our Core Values of Compassion, Dignity, Dedication, Person Centered-Family Based, Progressive, and Integrity.

Our Core Values reflect our work at The Arc, the foundation of our culture and the backdrop of our everyday interactions. The Core Values are now incorporated into the orientation and training of all new employees. By supporting our Core Values, we all contribute to a culture of positivity, stability and vision necessary for the Arc to survive and thrive in the years to come.

We’re looking for some great people to join our team. 

We offer:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Paid Training
  • Generous Time-Off Package
  • Referral Incentive Program
  • Employee Perks and discounts to area businesses
  • Benefits including Health Insurance – new employees are eligible one month after they start
  • A stable, well established business in the area

The Arc is leader in the Human Services field. We have been providing services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 60 years. We’re a major employer in the area, with over 600 employees in two counties, Oneida and Lewis. We’re excited to see so much development happening around our headquarters at 245 Genesee Street and doing our part for the revitalization of Downtown Utica.

We provide Vocational, Employment, Community and Family, Medicaid Service Coordination, Day Habilitation, and Residential services to over 1,600 people we support. Whether you’re a student looking for work, pursing your first job, transitioning from a previous career or not fully retired, we have an opportunity that suits you!

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Direct Support Professionals

– Residence Managers and Counselors

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter
The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

-Full time & part time. Residential Homes throughout Oneida and Lewis Counties. Shifts include days, evenings, weekends, awake overnights. Requirements: High school diploma/GED, valid NYS Drivers license. Paid training available.



Duties to include:

  • Act as a role model for the people we support.
  • Assure the maintenance, housekeeping and food preparation duties of the residence in order to provide a clean, neat, healthy and safe environment.
    Perform oversight and guidance if necessary to the people in the home, with completion of household tasks such as laundry, menu preparation, shopping, cooking, minor maintenance of the house and grounds with the goal of increasing independence.
  • Know the current individualized service plan specific to each person and follow through with the provision of services as outlined.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings and any other meetings as required to discuss and develop viable solutions to problems and needs concerning people you support, staff, and the day to day operation of the home.
  • Work with people on residential habilitation allowable services in accordance to established frequencies and adheres to documentation standards.
  • Complete residential habilitation checklist, residential habilitation recording form and data sheet, and complete daily note
  • Assist people with the maintenance of their personal hygiene including the purchase of hygiene supplies, and appropriate dress, when necessary.
  • Administer medications and medical treatments as prescribed by a physician when necessary. Assure that each individual's dietary and nutritional plan is followed.
  • Assist people supported with grocery shopping, banking, and accessing community services.
  • Assure appropriate leisure time activities are planned, including those in the community.
  • Transport people to appointments, (i.e. medical, dental, etc.) as assigned or when needed.

Community & Family Services

Respite Specialist –CFS

Full time M-F 2:15pm – 10pm. Oneida County. Requirements: High school diploma/GED, valid NYS Drivers license. Paid training available.

The Respite Specialist will provide respite for family members of individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.This respite service may take place in the community or at a site-based program. Will demonstrate professional conduct to include compassion, dignity, and respect when interacting with other staff, family and individuals. Support the people being served with living a life that includes self-determination, choices, and promotes attainment of personal outcomes.

Participate in activities of daily living as necessary. When providing transportation staff must be able to efficiently transport people from one point to another using the available resources. Assist small groups of people we support in the community by attending community and sporting events, shows, movies and other recreational activities.

CFS: Habilitation Specialist II

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter
The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

Per diem, Oneida and Lewis Counties. Requirements: High school diploma/GED, valid NYS Drivers license. Paid training available.





Responsible for the learning experiences and supervision of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities.Will demonstrate professional conduct to include compassion, dignity, and respect when interacting with other staff, family and people we serve.

Provide the necessary therapeutic assistance and /or training to people we serve in a variety of settings, per their habilitation plan. Provide respite to caregivers of the people we serve. Assist in activities of daily living as may be necessary, i.e. toileting, eating and ambulating, including lifting assistance as needed.

Speech Language Pathologist

FT, days, Oneida County, Masters in Speech Therapy or Pathology, Permanent Certification as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped. One-year experience in the evaluation and treatment of children with communication disorders in the Birth to School-Aged population.

To provide intervention and evaluation of speech and language disorders to those children who are identified in need of speech therapy services. Evaluates and completes annual evaluations of children that are currently on caseload. This does not include initial evaluations to determine eligibility.

Provides direct speech therapy intervention to those children who are assigned to clinician’s caseload. Completes and maintains all required documentation, both in electronic and paper format. Demonstrates and oversees the carrying out of specific methodologies within the treatment areas.

Day Services

CollegeWorks Resident Assistant

NANCY L. FORD PHOTOGRAPHY/The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

Utica. Tues 2 – 9pm, Wed 1pm – 8pm, Thurs and Fri 2-9pm Sat 12 – 7pm. High School Diploma or G.E.D. One-year full-time experience working with people with disabilities. Valid driver’s license.




Overall responsibility for the health and safety of the individuals in the residence and for maintaining the physical and social operation of the residence. Also responsible for providing the individuals who live in the residence with training and supervision to the extent required by their ISP.

Assist the individuals by providing oversight, guidance and training to the individuals in the completion of:

  • Household tasks such as laundry and housecleaning.
  • Menu planning, preparation and cooking, ensuring that the individual’s dietary and nutritional needs are followed. and shopping with the goal of increasing independence.
  • Medical and dental appointments with oversight by the IRA RN. Includes completing health care records, act as liaison with medical professional and administer medications as required.
  • Financial management, budgeting, banking and shopping.
  • Personal hygiene and appropriate dress.
  • Fire safety training.
  • Community travel training.
  • Community safety and leisure time activities that are person centered and based on choice.

Day Habilitation Specialist

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter
The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

FT, days, Utica. Requirements: High school diploma/GED, valid NYS Drivers license. Paid training available.





Assists in the implementation of the person we support’s ISP/Day Habilitation Plan by providing direct care, training, and supervision to the extent required by utilizing as many community based resources and supports as appropriate to the plan. Provide the extent of assistance necessary with activities of daily living, i.e. toileting, eating, ambulation, including the provision of lifting assistance as needed. Actively works with the person we support to promote choices and preferences. Assist in providing meaningful experiences within the community for the people we support. Provide transportation for outings within the community, following established policies and procedures regarding the use of agency vehicles.

Employment Solutions


The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter
The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

Oneida and Lewis Counties, part time High school diploma, Valid NYS drivers license.





Provides transportation to and from Supported Employment sites in the community. This position requires the ability to organize transportation routes, schedule riders and to transport individuals with developmental disabilities. Maintain documentation of allowable service time and delivery. Follow all allowable services in habilitation plans. Be back up for the other drivers when needed. Perform routine minor maintenance. Completion of records and reports as required by financial management and the department.

Employment Specialist

FT, Oneida and Lewis County. Bachelor’s degree required and one-year experience in vocational rehabilitation program. Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of one year experience working with people with disabilities; or Associates Degree and a minimum of two years experience working with people with disabilities; or High School Diploma and a minimum of three years experience working with people with disabilities.

Must have acceptable driver’s license, personal vehicle and willingness to transport self and consumers, if needed. Able to assess people with varying disabilities to develop and implement an employment plan which will include strategies to overcome barriers to employment and to appropriately match an individual’s interest and abilities to a supported job.

Perform job development/job retention activities, as necessary, to include, but not be limited to job assessments, job readiness skills training, work/life skills training. Teach individuals how to access community supports to assist them with childcare, travel training, residential living and securing/receiving supplemental benefits. Work independently in the community. Provide supports such as benefits advisor, case manager, service coordinator and life coach when needed to support the person and assist in gaining impedance. Work nights, weekends and holidays as needed by the people by the people being supported.

Service Liaison Employment Solutions

FT, Bachelor’s degree in a field of Education, Human Services, Social Work, or a related field. In lieu of Bachelor’s degree, at least 5 years proven experience in OPWDD operated program(s). Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional [QIDP] status preferred.

Ensures and provides oversight for the integration and implementation of all services for each person we support. Responsible for processing daily service documentation for billing OPWDD-funded Employment Services. Maintains program participant records, ensuring that all required documentation is on chart, up-to-date, and listed accurately in accordance with HCBS Waiver Regulations.

Is responsible for ensuring a current, complete Individual Service Plan is present in the chart and that all information for OPWDD funded Employment Programs, is listed accurately. Checks Employment Plan to ensure consistency with the Individual Service Plan. Acts as a liaison between Employment Specialists, Program Managers, Corporate Compliance and Medicaid Service Coordinators. Corresponds with MSC to rectify any discrepancies or to acquire documentation, as necessary. Completes and files eligibility, intake, program transfer and discharge information pursuant to program needs. Records program enrollment data in Department’s tracking systems.


RES. Awake Overnight Shift Supervisor

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter
The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

FT, Float, Thurs – Sun 10:30pm – 7:30am. Oneida County. High school diploma/GED, 3 yrs exp as a direct support professional. Valid NYS drivers license.




Under direction of the Associate Director of Residential Services ensures the Residence Counselors or other Direct Support Professionals on the awake overnight shift are trained and working in accordance to their job descriptions to include site specific awake overnight responsibilities. The incumbent must possess and be able to demonstrate excellent interpersonal verbal communication skills along with the ability to interact positively with co-workers and people we support. Demonstrate the ability to train staff according to Agency policy and practice and create written reports and documents. Must have the ability to work third shift hours and drive to any residential site during the shift. Effectively train new Direct Support Professionals who work the awake overnight shift on the routine and responsibilities of the residence. Provide ongoing training and guidance to all staff who work the awake overnight shift, as needed, to include utilizing Agency computer based training. Conduct unannounced visits at residences to ensure that awake overnight staff are completing and documenting required responsibilities. Provide immediate feedback and/or redirection as required, documenting the discussion and forwarding to appropriate supervisory staff.

Shared Services (Day Services & Residential)

Direct Support Professional Residential and Day Services

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter
The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

– FT/PT Oneida County, High School Diploma or GED; Valid Drivers License, and;1-2 years of Direct Support Professional experience; provide assistance and supervision of the individual’s day-to-day activities, socialization, recreation and daily living skills development.


Ensure proper supervision of individuals at all times. Responsible for becoming familiar with the individual’s Care Plan/Safeguards and provide any change of information and/or concerns to the program supervisor. To act as a role model for individuals/ other service providers and members of the community, actively demonstrating the principles of respect, dignity, consumer rights and age appropriateness. Ensure that a positive relationship with the individual’s families, other service providers, and members of the community is reinforced at all times. Advocate for the individuals’ rights when appropriate and necessary, and report any violation of their rights.

Confidentiality: Respect the individual’s right to privacy by appropriate use of written and verbal information and follow all agency and OMRDD guidelines regarding confidentiality. Monitor and provide the extent of assistance necessary with activities of daily living, i.e. toileting, eating, ambulation and dressing, including the provision of lifting assistance as needed. Actively work with each individual to promote choices, preferences and participation in integrated community activities that are accessible and rewarding to the individual. Work with individuals on habilitation allowable services in accordance to established frequencies and adhere to documentation standards. Administer medications (site based only) per NY State and agency policies and procedures.



FT, Oneida County, M-F 3:30 – 11pm. High school diploma and two to four years’ experience or equivalent in the building trade field. A thorough working knowledge of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, masonry, painting and roofing fields.

This is a professional craftsmanship type work. The work involves responsibility for maintaining all the physical requirements for the agency’s building, equipment scheduling and project layout. Responsible for keeping the agency’s buildings in good physical condition. Assist in maintaining the heating, electrical, plumbing and security systems as required by all city state and insurance codes. Be familiar with OSHA regulations and procedures. Plan and Carry out all carpentry, electrical, heating, plumbing or construction (masonry, roofing) repairs. Maintain buildings of both a residential and commercial/industrial nature. Undertake, coordinate, and assist in renovations required to update the present physical conditions of the agency’s buildings. Plan and carry out new construction projects.

Medicaid Service Coordination

Service Coordinator

The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter
The Arc, Oneida-Lewis Chapter

FT, Oneida and Lewis Counties, flexible schedule. Bachelors degree in Human Services and 1-year experience with people with developmental disabilities.





Service Coordinator will work with an individual with developmental disabilities and his/her family to promote the capacity of those involved to identify their needs and to procure resources in a manner that will enable them to acquire competency to rely on their own resources and abilities. Responsible for a caseload of 40 (+) with no more that a weighed caseload of 40 Will work with the individual or his/her advocate to gather information and determine valued outcomes on an ongoing basis. This will be done by: Listening to the individual and his/her advocate. Gathering information from service providers and others as directed by the individual or their advocate. Helping the individual and his/her advocate to review the gathered information and evaluate recommendations. Helping the individual and his/her advocate to establish and prioritize personal goals and clearly define steps to achieve those goals. Plan and coordinate the Individualized Service Plan (ISP). Conducts reviews and revisions to the ISP as needed to meet changing needs and regulatory guidelines. This includes ensuring that all regulatory and agency written work is completed within the regulatory time frame.

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