Teachers and substitutes don't get enough recognition as it is, but one substitute goes above and beyond, not only for his students, but for the whole school.

We love hearing about these stories of random acts of kindness, especially during the holiday season. It's so wonderful to know there is still good in the world. Malcolm Harris is a perfect example of this. And his wife, Janet shares with us, the kindness Malcolm has shown the students at the school he substitutes at.

Janet says her husband loves substituting at their local school, and he really cares about the students in the building. So, as an act of kindness, Malcolm went out a bought a large candy cane for every student in the school. Every single student. Which there are about 800 kids in the building. She also wrote...

He and a couple of students spend the day at the school giving out the candy canes! It brings a smile to all their faces...

What a wonderful gesture to show he cares. And almost 800 large candy canes?! That adds up pretty quickly. But it's not about the money or the effort put into doing something nice, it's just about doing something nice. Janet says it best,

He always ends up with the biggest smile of all, proving that it is more fun giving than receiving.

We want to thank Malcolm for being so thoughtful, especially during the holiday season. And not just for the students he substitutes for, but for the whole school. That's such a sweet thing to do. And Janet says he does this every year!

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