The prom is a big deal in the life of most teens. A rite of passage. So it's perfectly understandable that one CNY teen is going all out to spend her prom with her dream date.

Marissa Jenney attends high school in Cortland, NY. While she could certainly find a boy from her school to take to the prom, she's set her sights a little further north and a little more famous. Marissa hopes to take 'Stitches' singer Shawn Mendes to the prom. We asked Marissa how she got the idea. "Well, I was in Government class, and we were voting on a prom theme. Someone brought up how that girl got (Stranger Things actor) David Harbour to be in her senior pictures, and that’s when I got the idea to ask Shawn Mendes to prom."

It seems far-fetched, but crazier things have certainly happened. Why Shawn Mendes? Marissa is not just a fan of his music, but his philanthropy as well. "I love that he uses his fame to bring attention to natural disasters like the earthquake in Mexico, and charities like Pencils of Promise." But what if actually shows up? Marissa says that would be amazing, and "a dream."

So how is the effort going to make her post go viral? Well, it's off to a slow start. Marissa says, "Well I have 55 comments on Instagram, all tagging him, and I have 28 shares on Facebook. In the grand scheme of things that’s not too good though haha considering how many things he must get tagged in or mentioned in on social media every day. I doubt he’s seen my post."

Let's see if we can change that, Central New York. Like and share Marissa's post - and if it works, you can tell everyone you helped a girl's prom dream come true.



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