If you're still a fan of Saved By The Bell, and have always wanted to go to an adult themed prom, this event coming to Upstate New York is for you.

If the lyrics "If the teacher pops a test, I know I'm in a mess, And my dog ate all my homework last night" rings deep in your soul, you're invited to the free Back to Bayside High Adult Prom happening on Saturday, November 11th 7PM - 11PM at the Oneida Kallet Civic Center in Oneida.

Live your best 90s life at the Back to Bayside High Adult Prom! Dance to your favorite 90s songs, dress up as your favorite Saved By the Bell character, or come in your best 90s prom attire!

The beautiful thing about this event, it is free to attend. There is a cash bar, and concessions available though.

We will have a prom king/queen, multiple dance-offs, a Look-alike contest, and much much more!

If you're looking to attend, you MUST get tickets through the link online to reserve your spot. This is due to the fact that they have limited seats available.

City of Oneida Parks and Recreation
City of Oneida Parks and Recreation

Zach Morris Is Trash?

Saved By The Bell always seemed like good, clean fun. It taught so many life lessons to older millennials as the Medium points out. It truly played a pivotal role in our coming of age.

What we didn’t learn, until now, was that Zack Morris, hidden in plain sight, was one of the worst humans to ever walk the earth.

With Zack Morris Is Trash, Funny Or Die took a magnifying glass to Zack’s “hijinks”:

Zack Morris Is Trash exposes this seemingly innocent teen sitcom for what it is, the profile of a maniacal narcissist who vindictively manipulates his friends and family for personal gain."

You can get a good laugh and watch the episodes online here.

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