Based on an (unscientific) poll, Central New York parents...I mean Tooth Fairies...are paying above the national average for lost teeth.

Losing a tooth is a rite of passage for kids. Whether it's their first lost tooth, or their last, every kid looks forward to putting that tooth under their pillow and waking up to money from the Tooth Fairy.

So what's the Tooth Fairy paying out in Central New York?

According to The Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the average tooth payout in the United States is $4.66. That number has been steadily rising, tracking along with the S&P 500 - leading one to believe that the Tooth Fairy is heavily invested in the stock market: as the market rises, so does the average Tooth Fairy payment.

We conducted a Facebook survey and discovered that the average Tooth Fairy payout in Central New York is above the national average at $5. A few parents pay a little less ($1 - $2) and more than a few pay more, to the tune of $20 per tooth.

Some respondents suggested that they had differing rates, depending on important factors like whether it was the first tooth, the condition of the tooth and which denomination of bills they had on hand at 4 am when they remembered the Tooth Fairy was scheduled to visit.

What did you typically receive as a child? Back in the day, many of us were thrilled to find a quarter in place of our tooth. Looks like the Tooth Fairy is getting more generous as time marches on.




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