Hey Parents, (Kids, stop reading now... SPOILER ALERT!) We never want to lie to our kids but sometimes lies can be used to enhance their lives rather than to harm them and we've all also been guilty of using a lie or two to 'inspire' obedience. Here are the Top 10 lies that we tell our kids for better or for worse.


THE BIG LIE - "Santa Claus will come to bring you presents on Christmas Eve" Nearly 88% of us are guilty of this one, whether just to make your kid smile or to get them to shape up or else! Made it through another year without my kids figuring out this one. Fingers crossed for next year.

THE SILVER MEDAL FIB - "If you don't come with me now, I'll leave you here by yourself" Almost 68% of us have said this in order to scare our little ones into action because it's either that or you're going to carry them out under your arm kicking and screaming.

ROUNDING OUT THE TOP 3 - "If you put this tooth under your pillow, the Tooth Fairy will bring you money" Again around two-thirds (66%) of us tell this story to watch the wonder in our kids eyes. My young ones still have plenty of teeth left to lose, on with the glitter and fairy notes.

THE RUNNER UP LIE - "That's beautiful piano playing" Ouch!! 60% of us parents have said this to encourage our kids to keep it up cause we know they'll get better... soon... hopefully...

LIE #5 - "There's no more candy in the house" This one has been known to backfire. Whenever I say this it prompts my kids to go looking for the 'missing' candy and 58% of us have tried to get our kids to buy this falsehood. And the little buggers probably have their own stash anyway.

LIE #6 - "We can come back and buy you that toy next time" HA! Try not to over-use this or they'll end up calling your bluff "Yeah, right dad... That's what you said LAST time." 48% say this. The "I have no money" one still works on mine. Cause, I don't.

LIE #7 - "If you don't quiet down and behave, that lady over there will be angry with you" These last four lies including this one I've never used but alas, 35% of you have. I think I still behave to this day because I'm afraid of getting yelled at.

LIE #8 - "I didn't bring money with me today" 33% of parents seem to suffer from financial amnesia when out shopping. Be careful, as they age they'll start to wonder why you always shop with no money.

LIE #9 - "If you lie to someone, your nose will grow" A tad over 21% of you have actually tried this one and I'm betting your little ones gave you a quizzical look as most kids know everything in a movie is fake. you'll have better luck telling them that their pants will be on fire, from your boot!

AND THE LAST LIE - "If you don't follow me, a kidnapper will come grab you" 18% of you have actually said this and I gotta say, I'd never use this one. It's too close to truth and feels more like a warning than a lie. Be prepared for paranoia if you try this.


Anyway, I'm really curious what lies that you tell that didn't make the list, and also about how and when they discovered the fib and what their reactions were. I promise to denounce that this conversation ever happened and absolve you of all blame in case your kids ever stumble on this post. Or hopefully they'll have invented the flashy-thing from Men In Black by then, but in that case why lie at all if you can just replace their memories instantly? Hmmmm....