It's no surprise people have been moving out of our state left and right. But one village in our area has seen an unbelievable population decrease just over the last few years.

No one wants to hear that people are moving out of their state or out of their area. It's usually not a good sign, especially if you're not getting new people to move in (or a big enough amount of people moving in to make a difference). Unfortunately, we're used to hearing things like this. Last year, New York was ranked as the worst state with more people leaving and less people moving in compared to any other state. And it looks like that trend may be continuing.

The good people at New York Upstate did some research on population changes on cities, towns, and villages in our area. They looked at the latest population estimates from the US Census Bureau and compared it to population estimates in past years. While looking into this information, they found "The fastest-shrinking Upstate NY communities."

So what area of Central New York made the bottom of the list, and has lost the most people? Well, according to New York Upstate, that (dis)honor goes to the Village of Morrisville in Madison County. From their research, we find that the village has lost just under 20% of its population since 2010 (19.79% to be exact). Nearly 20% of its population in the last 8 years?! That's just crazy!

Other places on the list include the Town of Norwich (in Chenango County), which has lost almost 7% of its population since 2010, and the Town of Inlet (in Hamilton County), which has lost 6.91% of its population since 2010. No towns, cities, or villages in Oneida or Herkimer Counties made the list. So there's a little bit of good news.

What's next for New York? What steps can we take to get people to move to the state (or move back to the state), or stop people from leaving? Should taxes be lowered? Because that is a big concern for people. What about more employment opportunities and options? Is there anything we can do or our government can do to stop this trend and hopefully reverse the damage that has been done? We would love to hear what you think! You can always leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.




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