It's a battle of the Aussie pop stars! Both Cody Simpson and 5 Seconds of Summer are known for their talent, irresistibly catchy songs and -- sigh! -- those swoon-worthy Australian accents. Whose accent is hotter?

Cody Simpson's Aussie roots shine through whenever he uses words like "mate" or "lad," but of course we melt any time he says anything in that accent of his (just listen to how he says "PopCrush" in the video below). His accent totally peeks through in his music, giving us just a hint of that Down Under vibe. We can't get enough!

5 Seconds of Summer's Australian accent(s) are four times the fun with Luke, Mikey, Calum and Ashton all sporting the super hot inflection in tunes like their smash hit, 'She Looks So Perfect.' Of course, it's a little more noticeable when they speak instead of sing, which is why we've gifted you with the amazing video of them flying on trapezes below. (Seriously, you need to hear how they pronounce "trapeze.") Swoon!

Whose Australian accent is hotter? Vote for Cody Simpson or 5 Seconds of Summer in the poll below!

Listen to Cody Simpson's Australian Accent

Listen to 5 Seconds of Summer's Australian Accents

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