Well, one coffee shop is. If you can't use manners and be polite while ordering, your coffee is going to cost you quite a bit more. Is this genius or is this business taking it a little too far?

Imagine walking into Utica Coffee or even a local Stewart's Shop, picking up a coffee to start your morning, only to find that the price went up... because you were rude. It's just the thing to make your morning even worse (especially if you haven't had ANY coffee yet). But maybe it's just the thing to get you thinking about the way you treat other people, too. It may be just the thing to get people to stop and think before they speak.

Now, before you get fired up and think about how angry you would be in the situation, let me tell you that the coffee shop that apparently has been doing this (charging rude customers more), actually has a sign in front of their store with their prices. According to SmallJoys.TV, the sign reads:

"Small coffee $5”

"Small coffee, please. $3”

"Hello, one small coffee, please. $1.75”

So customers know exactly what they're getting into before they order their coffee. Do you think that makes a difference? If you saw this sign outside of Utica Coffee, would that make you act any differently? Would it make you be more polite, so you could save a few bucks? I know it would for me.

The coffee shop that allegedly put this sign out front of their business may be in Virginia, but the story has been making its way across the world, and it's no surprise why. Many think this is a fantastic idea. There are some who disagree with it however, and think a business should just sell their goods, take a customer's money, and that's it. "Not teach people life lessons," as one Facebook comment read.

We want to know what you think - If a local business were to put this sign up in front of their location, would it make you think twice? Would you be more polite or would you act the same because you would've already said "hello" and "please"? Would you think it's unfair of a business to do this? Let us know! You can always leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page. You can also vote in our poll below:




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