Bundle up in the winter or you'll get sick.  Were you ever told that as a kid?  I sure was.  Well, as it turns out, cold weather doesn't make you sick.  While cold and flu season is real, there are some winter health catch-phrases that are myths.  Time to debunk these winter health myths once and for all.

CNN showed which winter health myths got busted for being false.   See how many of these you thought were true.

1.  Don't exercise when it's cold outside.  

2.  During winter, allergies go away.

3.  Cold air makes you sick.

4.  Women gain ten pounds over the winter.

5.  Drinking alcohol will keep you warm.

6.  Skip sunscreen during the winter because you don't need it.

7.  Most body heat is lost through your head.

8.  When it's cold, you're more likely to lose your hair.

They're all false.  So go ahead and wear sunscreen this winter, don't stress if you forgot to wear a hat and take a walk or go for a run in the snow.