We all know the old Frank Zappa song 'Don't eat the yellow snow,' but a new study suggests that people shouldn't eat any snow at all. Here's why.

According to an article on IFLS.com, a new study found that snow actually acts like a sink that drains pollutants like car exhaust fumes from the air and holds them within the snow particles and pockets of meltwater.

So eating snow is pretty much like eating a 'pollution-flavored' ice-pop.

Research found that after just one hour of exposure to pollutants, toxic levels in the snow increased dramatically.

So unless you absolutely have to, don't eat the snow, and try to keep the kiddies from eating it while they're out playing in it all day.

If you think about it, have you ever eaten snow and thought it tasted funny? That's probably because you were tasting all the exhaust fumes trapped in the ice crystals.

Read the full study at IFLS.com.

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