When a multi-Grammy-winning, across-the-globe successful act shows up to play outside the NBC ‘Today’ show studios, they don’t come alone. Coldplay took the stage to perform on Friday’s show, and as expected, music fans packed Rockefeller Center hoping to catch a glimpse — or at least an earful.

The foursome laid out a few of their best-known older hits, like ‘Fix You’ and ‘Vida La Vida,’ blended well with a handful of new songs — like their latest single, ‘Paradise‘ — from their forthcoming new album. ‘Mylo Xyloto’ impacts Tuesday, October 24.

While the band recognizes that the album title is a little weird, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin insists that you needn’t go searching for a hidden meaning somehwere, because they have no idea what the record name means. “It doesn’t really mean anything,” he told the ‘Today’ crowd. “It just means a group of four English people who are trying to come up with something that had no other association.”

Watch Coldplay Perform ‘Paradise’ on ‘Today’

Watch Coldplay Perform ‘Vida La Vida’ on ‘Today’