Comedian Chrissie Mayr toured Utica and decided to shred it to pieces. We didn't appreciate her mean spirited sarcasm and failed attempts at humor so we wanted to share our thoughts. 

When comedian Chrissie Mayr was in town, she said some things that weren't very nice about Utica. Here are a few of the comments she slung our way on her YouTube video:

"New York's Detroit."  "I would be considered a 10 in Uitca, In New York City, I'm like a 4."

"A lot of people look like they are or have been into meth."

Her video contains plenty of other negative slights, but we're choosing not to type them out because they're quite harsh. How can a 4 minute video contain at least a dozen insults and snarky remarks?  For those answers, you'll have to ask Chrissie.


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