NBC’s ‘Constantine’ may have undergone a bit of shakeup in recent weeks, but that hasn’t stopped fans from conjuring their presence for the show’s first panel at Comic-Con 2014. We’re on hand in Room 6BCF for all the supernatural secrets and comic characters to come, so light up a first look at NBC’s 'Constantine’ with our recap of the panel at Comic-Con 2014!

  • Well, first and foremost, the primary function of NBC’s ‘Constantine’ panel was to show the pilot, despite having played the episode at preview night earlier, as well as later on tonight at DC’s Hall H event. Moreover, it’s still more or less the same pilot with Lucy Griffiths as Liv Aberdine, minus an alteration to the ending climax, and a minor tweak to have John giving second thoughts to Liv's inclusion in their fight
  • The good news is that the crowd certainly seems to be into the series, which maintains enough scares -- we saw several parents attempting to distract children during the more intense moments.
  • As previously mentioned, the helmet of Doctor Fate appears in the pilot, though the producers have no concrete plans to introduce the character just yet. NBC’s iteration fully intends to draw from the DC and ‘Hellblazer’ canon, though David S. Goyer hopes not to fall into a “villain of the week” format.
  • By the end of the first season, we’ll at least meet all of the “New Castle” crew, and the villainous Papa Midnite.
  • Star Matt Ryan had a friend who was able to get him up to speed on the character of John Constantine, whereas Harold Perrineau was more excited to discover his character as an original creation. Charles Halford seemed content to make driving puns and jokes when it came to his character Manny.
  • Angélica Celaya only shot her first day as Zed recently, but the actress says, “I’m ready to go up against John Constantine.” No mention of any new reasoning behind Lucy Griffiths’ departure, or any of the recent controversies with Constantine’s smoking or bisexuality.
  • Because he apparently never sleeps, Bear McCreary will compose music for the show when it debuts on NBC this fall. The composer even popped up at the mention of his name, appearing on stage for a brief moment.

Well, what say you? Are you excited for 'Constantine''s series premiere, by all we've learned from the Comic-Con 2014 panel? Tell us what you want to see from the new series in the comments!

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