Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the first teaser for 'Horns,' the new horror thriller starring Daniel Radcliffe as a guy who wakes up with horns growing out of his head. And now, straight from Comic-Con 2014, comes a full trailer for the upcoming film, which promises more than just your typical horror fare.

The new 'Horns' trailer debuted during the official panel at Comic-Con, and gives us an extended look at the upcoming film, based on the novel by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King). Hill was on hand with Daniel Radcliffe and director Alexandre Aja ('Piranha 3D') to premiere the trailer and answer questions from fans.

'Horns' stars Radcliffe as a man who wakes up to find his girlfriend dead and horns growing out of his head -- but with those peculiar new head accessories comes a peculiar new power, and it's up to him to use it wisely if he wants to solve the mystery of what happened to the love of his life.

Judging by the new trailer, we're getting more than your average horror film or thriller, as 'Horns' promises a darkly whimsical and tragic love story beneath its pointy surface. We've seen Radcliffe taking on darker and edgier roles since the conclusion of the 'Harry Potter' series, and we're enjoying this new, more mature side of the actor. It's also much different from the films we've gotten previously from director Aja, who kicked off his career with the great 'High Tension' before settling into remakes with 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Piranha 3D.'

'Horns' hits theaters on October 31.

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