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You Will Not Believe Daniel Radcliffe's Rapping Skills
Daniel Radcliffe's name may be forever synonymous with 'Harry Potter,' but the British actor has already proven that his talents extend far beyond playing the boy wizard on the big screen. He can do the Broadway thing! He's got a nifty fake American accent! He can rap! Wait...wha…
'Horns' Trailer Shows a Darker Side of Daniel Radcliffe
Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the first teaser for 'Horns,' the new horror thriller starring Daniel Radcliffe as a guy who wakes up with horns growing out of his head. And now, straight from Comic-Con 2014, comes a full trailer for the upcoming film, which promises more than just your …
Daniel Radcliffe Dreaded Another Harry Potter Book
Daniel Radcliffe knows a thing or two about Harry Potter.  After all, he's played him for ten years  in all the films.  So when rumors started swirling that J. K. Rowling was going to write an eighth  Harry Potter book, Daniel took matters into his own hands.