Sometimes it seems that everything goes perfectly right on a first date and then they don't call you back. After they ignores your calls and texts, you know that the date wasn't as perfect as you thought. What went wrong?


According to, here's a rundown of some common, simple mistakes that many people make on their first date:
  • Not Dressing for the Occasion: Wearing a cocktail dress to a baseball game sends the signal that you're trying too hard. Keep things casual, but not sloppy and gross. Dress to impress, but not over dress.
  • Taking About Exes: Talking about exes is annoying all the time, and especially on a date.
  • Getting Drunk: Maybe the reason you thought things were going great was because you were a little buzzed Know your limits, or maybe it's best to avoid alcohol on the first date.
  • Not Shutting Up: Good conversations are about asking, listening and offering. If you leave a date not knowing anything about you, and you knowing about them, then what was the point?
  • Being Overly Flirtatious: Just give a smile every once in a while. That's enough. No one can resist a great smile and a great laugh.

What are some other mistakes people make?

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