Going out on a first date has a lot of factors. One of course is dressing, should you dress classy? Or should you dress normal? HowAboutWe.com put together a nice little list for you to consider.


If you are trying to decide what to wear on that first date, here are some items to avoid ... straight from men according to howaboutwe.com:

1) Harem pants: How often do girls actually wear these on dates?

2) Sneakers: Even if your sneakers are super-cute, maybe consider saving them for later. See I disagree, who cares about the shoes, as long as they aren’t super tall boots.

3) Too much jewelry: Guys say a woman with a lot of jewelry on is a definite turn-off.

4) Padded bra: No need to lie about um…items.

5) Bad eye-makeup: If you’re assuming men don’t notice when your eye is Caked with bad make-up, we do : )

6) Empire waist: Why wear these? Honestly who wears these?

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