I came across the tongue-twister word that was used to describe a well known Upstate New York city.

Connughhariegughharie is the ancient Mohawk word for the place we now call Schenectady. The word  means a great multitude collected together and was used to describe the town site, once one of the Mohawk's many village on the river that bears their name.

The -harie suffix would be a clue to its location as other places in the Mohawk Valley share that like Schoharie and Canajohaire.

The word was used as a "Word of the Day" on the Calligraphy subreddit on reddit to allow users to practice their fancy writing skills.

The current name, Schenectady, is also Mohawk in origin. Skahnéhtati means beyond the pines, according to Wikipedia.

Schenectady, Canajoharie and Other Hard to Say New York Places

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