We all can dream, if one of the things you dream of is a big house with a view, very few in Central New York can touch this.

When it comes to being rich and famous, to be honest, this house only shows the bottom end of what money can really buy you in the way of a home. In Central New York though, the 5 million dollar price tag lands this home in the upper echelon of homes to be purchased. One thing remains the same, homes like these just don't sell quickly.

The Mortgage Payment Would Be Astronomical

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According to Zillow, the mortgage payment on a monthly basis would be around a years salary for many people. The whopping amount is $34,819. That alone means this house appeals to a very small pool of people.

Let's Just Say You Had The Money

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To be honest, here, do you buy the house? Yes indeed. This house offers you everything you could ever potentially dream of. Not only are you getting a massive home with over 5,000 square feet, but you're also getting a home with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms too. At that square footage, yes, it's large, but not so big that you'll have too much space.

When buying a home in Skaneateles, you're buying more than the home though, especially here. You get a home that is sitting right on the lake as well. That alone is worth the price for many. To on a typical afternoon stand at the kitchen counter making a sandwich, to have that view is hard to beat.

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29 Breathtaking Pictures Of Majestic New York Home Offering Unparalleled Views

This home has a staggering sale price, don't get us wrong. But it is the kind of sale price that seems worth it if you had the cash. Look at everything you're getting for $45,000,000. From an infinity pool to nearly all-glass walls inside. Those glass walls offer you picturesque views any way you choose to turn.

On one side, you'll peer out over the Hudson River, and across you'll see the Catskill mountains. If you take a gander out the other side of the home you get a wooded vibe and you may never know you were perched on the Hudson River.

Take a look through the 29 pictures below showing what true elegance looks like for a home in New York State.

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