Central New York is home to many great breweries and bars, and one of them has been named the best, beating out the places in the City.

Finally, a list of the best "something" in our state, and our area beat out New York City. Actually, the best beer bar can be found in Rome. We're talking about Copper City Brewing Company.

Copper City Brewing Company was named the best beer bar in New York from the readers and followers of CraftBeer.com. According to CraftBeer.com, they asked for nominations of the best beer bars in each state. Those who would nominate a place, had to fill out a short survey that asked questions about the bar, the staff, beer selection, and things like that. Thousands of people nominated their favorite place and took part in the survey. Then, even more people took part in the voting.

It's easy to see why Copper City Brewing Company won for New York State. Between the cozy-welcoming feeling you get when you walk into the bar, to the choices of craft beer they have available, Copper City really is a great choice for those adult beverages. Plus, you can see where the beer is being made right from your seat at the bar. That's always a treat, right?!

Last year, the "Best Beer Bar in New York" honor went to "Torst," located in Brooklyn. "Torst" also won for 2016, as well.

Congratulations to Copper City Brewing Company for beating out "Torst," and for bringing attention back to the craft beer industry that's MORE than booming in the Central New York area.




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