A first-of-its-kind study of coyote populations in New York State by SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry says that coyotes populate every region of the state including 2.5 animals in an average 10 square mile area of Central New York.

Syracuse.com reported on the study, which was conducted over a 5 year period and intended to learn the size of the coyote population and the impact they have on the state's deer. The study found,

coyotes, which first appeared on the New York scene in 1925, are "everywhere" in this state - including Long Island and in many suburban and urban areas.

Prior to Frair's research, there was no existing baseline study done on coyotes in New York, nor did researchers have any idea of the state's "carrying capacity" for the animals. Frair's research involved the use of automated, coyote-calling devices in numerous areas and listening for the return howling or barking responses. Using sophisticated triangulation and statistical methods, her team identified more than 15,000 breeding pairs across the state.

Coydogs and Coywolves

Also found in the state are coyote-dog hybrids known as coydogs and coywolves, which are a cross between a coyote and wolf.

A 2014 PBS Nature documentary set out to capture images of coyotes and coywolves that call New York City home, not only the outer boroughs but in Manhattan as well.