Coyotes are becoming a real problem in Rome. Now, one resident has created a Facebook page where residents can report their coyote sightings.

The Facebook page - Rome NY Coyote Sighting - was created after some residents expressed frustration over the response from city authorities about their coyote concerns.

According to the page description, "...we Romans have to keep each other safe and aware of possible dangers in the city. Please report all sightings to the DEC first the number is (315) 793-2554 and then help look out for your fellow Romans by posting here in the group the time, location and direction the coyote was headed when you saw it."

One resident speculated that the coyotes invaded the city center after the former base housing was torn down.

Earlier this summer, Rome residents reported that the coyotes might have been responsible for the disappearance of pet and stray cats around the area.

Rome Coyote 2
Credit: R.B. via Facebook

Have you seen the coyotes? Does their presence make you concerned about walking around the city?



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