This could be the year you decide to become a bar owner and we've got a deal for you. The 8,100 square foot space housing the Mohawk Valley Winery is up for grabs, with a listed price of $489,000.

That works out to about $60 per square foot. An equivalent space in New York City would cost you somewhere north of $13.6 million.

The property is located at 706 Varick Street and features a bar with brand-new marble tops and back-bar cabinetry and coolers that can hold up to 400 bottles of wine.

Of course, if you're serious about this purchase, you've also got options. You could keep running the joint as is. Or consider starting a new bar or a restaurant with some cuisines Central New York has yet to offer.

Ethiopian? The Adams-Morgan neighborhood in Washington, DC has two or three successful Ethiopian restaurants right on the same street.

Moroccan? Come for the Pastilla and stay for the Halwa chebakia, which sounds like a character from Star Wars, but is actually a delicious, doughy dessert.

Roadkill? Hey, it IS legal to harvest roadkill for consumption in New York, with special required licenses, depending on the species.

If the whole bar or restaurant idea's not your thing, why not use the space to launch a creative business concept?

Think unique, or

Plastic Wishbones? Yup. It's working for a Seattle couple, who landed on the notion one Thanksgiving when everyone wanted to split the wishbone and there was, of course, only one. Their business, Lucky Break Wishbones, was born and gives everyone a shot at some good luck.

Mannequins? Why not. The California folks who run Mannequin Madness focus on repairing and recycling used mannequins and turning mannequin body parts into lamps and other accessories.

Of course you COULD always buy the joint and just LIVE there. It sure would be a lively neighborhood.


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