Growing up, did you ever question TV shows or cartoons? Of course not, you're a kid! You have imagination, and just believe everything is possible. When you get older, that isn't always the case. Also when you're older you'll look back and question “What where these TV Characters thinking?”. Sometimes you find these precious childhood friends are actually scary swamp monsters or vampires. Here's a list of The Top Creepiest Children TV Show Characters.

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    Jay Jay The Jet Plane

    Putting oddly shaped human faces on airplanes and helicopters never seems like a good idea. It begs the question for kids, in this universe where airplanes are alive, do people ride in them? How are new planes “born”? It's just creepy. It's a childhood version of Face/Off.

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    Thomas The Train

    I used to love Thomas The Train growing up, but the same rule applies here to trains that does to helicopters. Human faces on objects other than humans is just creepy. What happens if these trains get angry? Do they run people over? Do they explode? Why is Ringo Starr the conductor? These questions never have a great answer at the end.
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    Binyah Binyah Pollywog

    Gullah Gullah Island was a show about a family who lived on an island off the coast of South Carolina. While on this island, one of the frequent visitors was a swamp monster named Binyah Binyah. Now, if I ever saw a five foot frog dancing around town, I'd call police or animal control. It's what my parents taught me growing up. Apparently that lesson was never taught in the Daise household.

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    The show follows around 4 alien creatures dancing and singing around town. In the Teletubbie world, the sun is a baby face that smiles, cries, and giggles. The Teletubbies have orders barked out by speakers all over the Teletubbie world. It's if the books 1984 and The Time Machine mated and created a kids TV show.

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    Count von Count

    Last time I checked Vampires like to suck blood and kill humans, not spend their day counting. The Count suffers from what's known as arithmomania; a love for counting. He will count anything and everything, regardless of amount, or how much annoyance he is causing the other Muppets or human cast. Little bit like OCD right? Here's a solution, wooden steak. That's right Count, “Vonnnee Wooden Steak ha ha ha”.

    Sesame Street