We've all seen the joke photos going around the internet and all of social media that shows Governor Andrew Cuomo peeping and creeping through your window to make sure you're following his Thanksgiving COVID mandates. A company in western New York that specializes in custom art, banners, signs and stickers has very opportunistically - and quite hilariously - created a purchasable sticker that has become the meme of 2020 in the New York state: 11th Guest Cuomo.  When I saw this, I nearly died.  It's fantastic and I just bought 3 of them.

Yes, I bought 3 of them and this might be the best $21.97 I've spent in a while.  Why did I do it? Because it's funny and right now, with everything that we're all going through, who can't use a good laugh?  My sister and I share jokes and memes about the Governor all the time, and while we all may not agree on Cuomo's politics, we don't have to. But we can agree that his creepin' face as a sticker is very funny.

ZoomBuffalo.com is the company that is selling the creepin' Cuomo that they're calling "The 11th Guest."  It's 7.25" X 5.8" and they sell for about 11 bucks a piece but I picked up 3 for around $22.

Photo: ZoomBuffalo.com
Photo: ZoomBuffalo.com

I'll probably put one in my living room window, give another to my sister and sneak the 3rd one in my mom and dad's bedroom window when they're not looking.

The Governor said, "Don't be the turkey this Thanksgiving...you don't want to be the turkey" but he seems to be the only one getting roasted these days.

With that said, wear your mask and don't be dumb and oh yeah,  Happy Thanksgiving!

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