A Utica resident says she received a very creepy robocall from a 315 phone number. Have you received this unsettling call?

At this point, robocalls occur so frequently, they're a fact of life. Whether someone needs to speak to you about your car's extended warranty, or they're calling to tell you your Amazon account or social security number has been hacked, we can all agree: they're really annoying.

One Utica woman (and we'll wager she's not the only one) got a robocall that wasn't just annoying, it was - in her words - "creepy AF."

Ann Rushlo says the caller is a female and speaks the following words very slowly and deliberately:

“Hello. (Long pause)
Hello. (shorter pause)
This is just a test call.
Stay safe.
Stay safe and stay home.”

Ann says the call came from a 315 area code, with a 292-XXXX prefix.

Have you received this call? Let us know. You can reach us through this station's app.

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Apparently, this "stay safe, stay home" robocall has been circulating around Canada and parts of the United States since at least May. There's a Reddit thread started by people who have gotten "the call." It appears there may be different versions of the call, but most who have received the call say the voice is very creepy.

In some cases, people have reported receiving the call as many as six times a day.


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