Regardless which Central New York area code is associated with your phone, you've probably been robocalled. You CAN do something about it. But first, there are some interesting aspects of the phenomenon to consider.

A survey of 1,000 mobile phone users by First Orion, which offers solutions to troublesome data and phone call issues experienced by mobile customers, revealed about 85% of cell phone users have experienced robocalls, but it's not all bad.

Many customers don't feel the desire to eliminate robocalls, because some of the calls are from doctors with important health updates or from pharmacies with prescription information.

Still, an overwhelming 90% of respondents consider these automated calls to be annoying. There are measures you can trigger to take back control of your mobile phone and your privacy.

A woman named Donna called our radio show to relate a tip she received from a Central New York police officer, who suggested an app called Mr. Number. It looks like this:

Mr Number

A few other dependable apps for controlling robocalls appear to be RoboKiller, Hiya Caller, and TrapCall. Here's a helpful article in USA Today about these apps and others.

So, if you're tired of looking at your phone and trying to decide if that incoming call is your long-lost Uncle Cal from the 205 in Alabama, the job offer of a lifetime coming from the 415 in San Francisco, or just another junk call, maybe it's time to put one of these apps to work for you.

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