Firework tents are set up across Oneida County, but when are they opening? July 4 is almost here.

While driving around town running errands, we noticed lots of firework tents, but not many were open at the time of this posting. What's going on? Can't they find help? Or, is it something else?

After some digging, we discovered Phantom Fireworks, 8555 Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford, opened on June 20 according to the website.

We're getting conflicting reports about the TNT locations across Central New York. Some information states the New Hartford Shopping Center and Westgate Plaza in Rome are open. At the same time, all other Rome, Herkimer Oneida, Syracuse, Lowville, and Oneonta locations are shown as temporarily closed, and TNT in Cooperstown is slated to open on June 26, while the TNT Official Site says, all locations are open.

We can tell you for sure Northern Lights Fireworks in Rome is open 7 days a week.

Speciale Fireworks is open on 410 Broad Street in Utica through July 5. Also at
New Hartford Shopping Center, next to Nicky Doodles and at SavOn Convenience Stores & Maple Leaf Market locations, including:

  • SavOn – Lenox Ave, Oneida
  • SavOn – Patrick Road, Verona
  • SavOn – Route 31, Verona
  • SavOn – Peterboro Street, Canastota – Thruway Exit 34
  • SavOn – Rt. 5 & Sherrill Road, Sherrill
  • SavOn – Oneida Lake, Canastota
  • SavOn – Genesee Street, Oneida – Plaza Mart
  • Maple Leaf Market – Route 13, Verona Beach
  • Maple Leaf Market – Route 5 West, Chittenango

Oneida County has almost 40 New York State Registered Sparkling Device Vendors. NYS Law allows for the sale of Sparkling Devices in counties and cities that have NOT enacted a local law according to section 405.00 of the Penal Law of NY. The highlighted locations also sell packages of fireworks.

  • Red's Contracting Services Embers Camping Supply and Store, Blossvale
  • Willey, James Jr Copper City Fireworks 280 East Dominick St Rome
  • Red's Market, 8528 State Route 365 Stittville
  • Northway Stop n Shop, State Route 365 Remsen
  • Speciale Fireworks, 410 Broad St, Suite 1 Utica
  • Nice N Easy, 12200 State Route 28 Poland
  • Nice N Easy , 8035 State Route 12 Barneveld
  • TNT Walmart, 5815 Rome Taberg Rd Rome
  • TNT Walmart, 710 Horatio St Utica
  • TNT Walmart, 4765 Commerce Rd New Hartford
  • TNT Price Chopper, 4535 Commercial Dr. New Hartford
  • TNT Price Chopper, 1790 Black River Rd Rome
  • TNT Price Chopper, 50 Auert Ave Utica
  • TNT Price Chopper, 1917 Genesee St Utica
  • TNT Target, 5 Sangertown Sq New Hartford
  • TNT Lowe's, 4699 Middle Settlement Rd New Hartford
  • TNT Lowe's, 1230 Erie Blvd W Rome
  • TNT Lowe's, 710 Horatio St Utica
  • Red's Contracting Services 56 Main Street Camden
  • Hannaford Utica,
  • Hannaford New Hartford
  • Hannaford, Commercial Dr. New Hartford
  • Hannaford, 55 Meadow St Clinton
  • Tops Market, 87 E State St Sherrill
  • Tops Market, 217 Erie Blvd W Rome
  • Tops Market, 9554 Harden Blvd, State Rt 13 Camden
  • Tops Market, 261 Utica Blvd Boonville
  • Speciale Fireworks Inc. New Hartford Shopping Cente
  • Family Video, 510 N James St Rome
  • Keystone Novelties Distributors 2344 State Route 49 Blossvale
  • TNT Michael Cancilla, 5815 Rome Taberg Rd Rome
  • TNT Emily Ceffalia, 4765 Commercial Dr. New Hartford
  • TNT Lateef Boone, 40 Kellogg Rd New Hartford
  • TNT Burdick Paving & Excavating Co, Inc, 6201 Rt 233 Rome
  • Keystone Novelties Distributors, 4952 Commercial Dr. Yorkville
  • Keystone Novelties Distributors, 2814 Genesee St Utica
  • Phantom Fireworks Eastern Region, 8555 Seneca Tpke New Hartford

Did we forget any? Just let us know, and we'll be sure to add them to the list! Please use responsibly.

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