Ever find yourself mad at someone close to you who was making choices you didn't agree with?  Perhaps that anger has turned in to a wall that blocks that person out.  Maybe it's time to re-think that wall.  Delilah shared a story sent to her by a listener Lydia who'd had a falling out with her mother.

I am not quite sure where to begin. My mother passed away last week and I was able to be with her for her final moments. I was so distraught because she elected to stop her cancer therapy and allow nature to take its course. We had fought over that and I didn’t speak to her for nearly a year. Then I received the call that she was going to pass and all I could think about on the drive over was that wasted year! 

Here's some of Delilah had to say: Folks, anger is not worth it. It’s not worth holding a grudge, and it’s not worth wasting precious time with people you love. You may not like someone right now, but if you still love that person deep down, make amends

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