Junk in the attic, the basement, the closets and even your car.  Getting rid of that junk is much easier than getting rid of the junk that keeps you angry, bitter or unhappy.  Delilah encourages you to let go of life's junk and give yourself a new lease on life.


Let Go of Life's Junk

It’s time to let go of the junk in your life. I’m talking about the figurative junk that fills up your head and your heart and makes it really hard to feel normal or happy. When you have junk in your life, such as a bitterness, jealously, anger or resentment, it consumes you. And when you clean it out, you can then fill the void left behind with much happier thoughts and memories.

Maybe your sweetheart isn’t that sweet to you or maybe your friend isn’t that friendly. Maybe you need to let go of the toxic people who are holding you back. Do a little spring cleaning in the social department. It’s hard to walk away from someone and let all that history go, but let’s face it, if that someone only makes you confused or upset and brings you more tears than smiles, let go and make room in your heart and in your schedule for someone deserving of you.
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