Maybe on Cinco de Mayo you’ll celebrate with some candy! Why not have a treat from yesteryear with Nestles Wonder Ball! Even though it’s candy it still had toys inside, that’s our spotlight on Dangerous Toys From Our Childhood.


Originally called Nestle Magic Ball, Wonder Balls were spherical with a thin shell of milk chocolate with candy and toys inside. They were wrapped in foil and packaged with a collectible sticker. The product's slogan is "What's in the Wonder Ball?" The product used to contain small figurines of Disney characters, similar to the Kinder Surprise which retails in Europe. However, due to choking hazard concerns, the product was withdrawn in 1997.

In April 2000, the Wonder Ball was re-released with candy in place of the toys. In 2004, the brand was sold to the Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company, which has stopped manufacturing the Wonder ball.

So for its first year, this “candy delight” had a toy inside. Kids had to eat their way to the toy inside. Sounds real safe right? Also the candy they had inside these shells were almost as hard as rocks, so either way it was a choking hazard. Just another Dangerous toy from yesteryear!

(Featured image by efmystm5/ebay)

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