Here's a headline we probably could've written this past summer: Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for 'Lincoln' at the 2013 Golden Globes. Can this man be stopped?

It looks like the inevitability of Daniel Day-Lewis winning all the awards is playing out as the actor won Best Actor at the 2013 Golden Globes for his work on 'Lincoln.'

After Meryl Streep got sick (did she shake Hugh Jackman's hand?), Clooney stayed on stage to present the award for Best Actor to Daniel Day-Lewis.

Though Day-Lewis seems like a pretty intense guy, he got up and showed a pretty good sense of humor joking that he was the second ex-President to be on the stage (after Bill Clinton) and that the Queen of England was about to parachute in to show her support for 'Skyfall' (which would be weird because 'Skyfall' wasn't even nominated).

So is there anyone who can possibly stop Daniel Day-Lewis from winning an Oscar? Does Hugh Jackman have a shot?

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