It's reported that David Bowie’s Ashes will be scattered in upstate New York near Bethel. 

David Bowie's wishes after his death from liver cancer were no funeral, no grave, no memorial, no monument or headstone. He was a very private person and want's to be remembered for his work. He was secretly cremated without any friends or family because he didn't want a funeral. There are no memorials or concerts endorsed by his family although that won't stop fans and musicians from paying their tributes. Epoch Times reports:

Only Bowie’s close family members will know exactly where the ashes will be scattered, but the Sun on Sunday cites sources saying it will be somewhere in upstate New York near Woodstock. Bowie and his family were often seen in the area...“David was very private in life and intended to remain so in death. But you can rest assured he told his family exactly where he wanted his ashes scattered.”...The source said Bowie wanted to be like his friend Freddie Mercury, frontman of Queen, who was also ultimately laid to rest in a secret location in 1991.