Yes, your favorite directors occasionally slum in the world of advertising. But it's not that bad! It means some truly exciting artists turn commercials that could have (and often should have) been trite into something visually exciting and emotionally engaging. Anyway, that's our roundabout way of saying that David Fincher's new quartet of Gap ads should be celebrated not simply shrugged off.

Just in time for the release of 'Gone Girl,' Fincher's beautifully shot, black and white commercials are less about clothing and more about ... the idea of clothes? Maybe? In true Fincher fashion, these ads feel like they're hiding a secret or two. They're moving paintings of ideas and feelings.

Ideas and feelings about Gap clothes, but hey, at least they're significantly sexier, more stylish and better made than the vast majority of commercials that assault our eyes on a daily basis. If actual Gap stories were this mysterious, creepy, odd and occasionally titillating, we'd probably shop at Gap more often! Actually, we'd probably stay away from them. Bad things tend to happen to people in Fincher productions.

Anyway, you can see a proper David Fincher feature soon, as 'Gone Girl' opens on October 3, 2014.




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