One of America's favorite late-night talk show hosts is David Letterman. Dave married Regina Lasko, his longtime girlfriend and mom of their young son, Harry, back in 2009. This was the same year he carried on affairs with staff members. David Letterman soon found himself in the middle of a very public sex scandal.
In a moving segment on his show "Late Night With David Letterman" on CBS, he came clean to his viewers after he told his wife about his escapades. He didn't sugar coat it at all, he came right out and said:

"I have had sex with women who I've worked with over the years"

He got into more detail with Oprah who said to Dave;

“You want to get through your whole life and not have the words ‘sex scandal’ attached to your name,”

The interview where David Letterman opened up about the headlining scandal aired in it's entirety on OWN, Oprah's television network, last night.
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